Snow Missed Us…We Miss Spring

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More rain and more snow. What a Spring this has been. We are due for better than 40s, rain and wind. We will be rewarded for the long wait in the seven day.

The snow was still falling in South Dakota today. The DOT camera in Sioux Falls had their beauty shot of the day with snow taking over the I-29 corridor. You can see the slush that was slowing the traffic up there this afternoon. SD Snow

Over the border…Orange City was getting their share of snow. My good buddy Nick Stover sent me another picture of the snow on the fine streets of Orange City. Full dis-closer… Nick and I are not good buddies. I feel like I know him because he has sent many snow pictures to our photolink file this year.
Nick is from Story City and attends college in Orange City. Northwestern is a fine christian college in the lovely Orange City. But that campus has been covered in white several times the last several weeks.
Orange City Snow
We have had a lot of moisture…mostly rain. Here is a little weather trivia for your next cocktail party… After 0.15″ of rain fell yesterday, Des Moines is up to 6.37″ for April (through the 21st). That makes this already the fourth-wettest April on record. The top three are 1897 (7.37″), 1991 (7.54″), and 1976 (7.76″). That was from the NWS in Johnston. Thanks guys…and girls.

There are signs of hope all around us… the seven day has 70s and this picture from Eric Wade should make us all be filled with faith of spring this week. Robin Prairie City