MORNING BUZZ: Standoff, B-serious, and A Great Dive

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Good Morning!

When it rains it LITERALLY pours.  The News cycle lately has been as busy as I can remember in long time.  Boston, Texas, Chicago, Seattle…the stories keep coming…all of them would hold the attention of the country for a few days…So lets get to it…


After 33 Hours, a stand-off ended when police were able to use a taser on the man involved.  We haven’t had a situation like this for a long time in Des Moines. I suppose that’s a credit to the Men and women in law enforcement for not letting situations spin out of control.  I’m sure they have cases that might devolve into a stand-off all the time.


Watching the resolution of the situation in Boston was a relief.  I thought the Police did a phenomenal job under a great deal of stress.  Message recieved…don’t screw with Boston.

I thought some of the early response to the tragedy and then to the shootout and manhunt was ridiculous… I couldn’t watch CNN.  Every reporter on the scene of that manhunt ran out of words.  They were up for a day and a half straight under a great deal of stress.

I thought some of the stuff that was asked/said right after the manhunt Friday was pretty stupid.  One of the reporters who was at the Governor’s News Conference asked, “Do you regret your decision to give the all-clear in the afternoon given that this guy was still in the area?”  this is the same reporter who, if they’d kept everyone in their homes, would have said “Do you regret keeping people under house arrest for so long?”  The City had just been through a pretty intense day.  The Suspects were in a shootout with Police and then one of the two escaped.  Police conducted a house to house search looking for a guy who’d been chucking bombs at them.  The story Friday night was how they did it.  Ask you follow-up questions in the two weeks worth of stories you’re going to have to do.

Also on my idiot list is the guy who called a radio show I was listening to.  He criticized the people of Boston for “rolling over” when the government set up “Marshal Law”.  Look, I get that there are people out there who don’t like the Police.  To paraphrase what Brian Williams said Friday night, They are the last people you want to see in your rear view mirror, but the first you want to see in front of your home when shots are fired.  Anyone who tried to make a political issue out of the situation in Boston isn’t going to get very far.  This didn’t happen because Boston didn’t have enough security.  The Shootout didn’t happen because police did something wrong in the chase.  The manhunt wasn’t an attempt by the government to oppress people.  The best part about what we saw unfold last week in Boston was that, in a crisis, neighbors were genuinely concerned about their neighbors…and I include the Police in Boston.

I’m sure this isn’t true of everyone in Boston or the US for that matter but I feel as secure or more secure after all of this…not less.  The Police reaction, the reaction of people during and after the crisis… builds faith in the American system and in this Democracy…

Great Dive

Sally and I went to Louie’s Wine Dive for the first time Saturday night.  This place has been around for more than a year but we are just getting around to having dinner there.  We thought it was great, and can’t wait to use the patio.  I love places where the bar staff is knowledgable enough to listen to your taste in wine and give you a glass you’ve never tried before.  It’s not snobby, to me, it’s what’s fun about wine.  The food was also excellent as was the service.  We will be back…and if you suburbanite haven’t ventured into the edges of the Drake Neighborhood to give Louie’s a try…do it!

I hope you all have a great day and a great week.