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STANDOFF ENDS: Police Arrest Suspect

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After more than 30 hours, Des Moines police say they ended a standoff with a man who shot at them and then barricaded himself in his home.

It was just after midnight Monday morning when police decided to make an attempt to get 53-year-old Michael Reed out of his home. Police say they knew they needed to end this before people in the neighborhood headed to school and work Monday morning.

So just after midnight, officers put their plan into action.

“He was coaxed out onto the porch of his house.  Once he was out onto the porch we had SWAT team members very close to his location.  He was shot with a taser.  At that point he was taken into custody without any further confrontation at all, without any further injury,” says Sgt. Jason Halifax.

Sgt. Halifax says Michael Reed, a well-known Elvis impersonator, was taken to Broadlawns to be treated for minor injuries due to being tased.  He was then taken to the police station for questioning. Reed will be charged with shooting at officers.  He is also wanted on a warrant issued by Des Moines police for harassment.  They say he threatened to kill his parole officer in January. More charges could be filed once police are able to go through Reed’s home.

This all began Saturday around 5:00 p.m.  Reed called police to his home at 3118 Wright Street because he was unhappy with a property exchange that happened earlier in the day.

He became upset with police, went into the home and returned with a gun.

He then fired at least one shot at police.  Officers returned fire, but did not hit him. Reed then barricaded himself in the home.

Sgt. Halifax says ending the standoff posed several challenges.

“Obviously if he had gotten back into the house before we were able to take him into custody and get custody of his weapon that would have been a concern.  When you’re trying to have someone kind of sneak up, kind of be hiding where he comes out, them being seen is a concern.  Then him, because of his erratic behavior he could have easily had another weapon we didn’t know about that he could have stuck in his pocket perhaps and used that. So, a number of things we considered.  But obviously, like I mentioned before these guys train for all these scenarios and they were prepared for what may have happened here,” says Sgt. Halifax.

The area around Reed’s home is open again and people should not have any trouble getting around in the area Monday morning.

Reed has also been charged with two counts of intimidation with a dangerous weapon.