TASK FORCE: Two Accused In Overcharging Scheme

David Weigel Grady Marx

The state auditor hopes two weekend arrests will encourage more Iowans to report things that don’t seem quite right.

A new joint investigative task force announced the arrests of former Department of Transportation Worker, David Weigel of Nevada and Grady Marx of Sioux City.

The men are accused of taking part in a scheme overcharging people to buy or maintain state land by nearly $400,000 and keeping the money.

Auditor David Vaudt says Iowans can be naive thinking their neighbors won’t rip them off.  “We think of the Midwest and the heartland of America as being great government, clean government. But regretfully we have people all over the U.S. that will do the wrong things given the opportunity and in this case, the individual had that opportunity to commit fraud and felt that he wasn’t going to be caught.”

The new Iowa financial investigation team has already started seizing Weigel’s property, including his vintage car collection.

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