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HUNTING LICENSE: New Online Class Offered


A new online course is reducing the barriers for Iowans who wish to receive hunting licenses.

Previously would-be hunters were required to take a 10-hour course on hunting safety and pass a written test in order to receive a license. Earlier this month the Iowa legislature changed the requirements, allowing an online course to substitute for classroom instruction for adults age 18 and older with prior gun handling experience.

The new online course will be offered starting July 1. Online students will be required to pass a quiz at the end of each chapter of their studies in addition to passing a final exam.

 Megan Wisecup, Hunter Education Administrator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says that the online course will not completely replace classroom training.

“We will continue to offer our traditional classroom course and online-field day course as options for younger students and encourage the older students will little or no firearms handling or hunting experience to consider that option as well so they can gain some firearms handling experience,” said Wisecup. “Having the necessary knowledge, skills and experience is critical to a successful hunt


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