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BREED BAN: Communities Consider Dangerous Dogs

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In the wake of a deadly dog mauling in Prairie City, the community is looking at it’s vicious dog laws, in this case Pit Bulls. But to talk about Pit Bulls, first we have to know what they are...and what they are not. There is no breed "Pit Bull"...It's a term used to describe a category of dogs.

Experts say dogs that fall into that category are no more dangerous than other dogs.

"A lot of it is the genetics we put forward and the training we put forward and the combo thereof." says ARL pet behavioral coordinator Angela Tague,  "So each individual dog is an individual dog regardless of breed at the end of the day."

Still, state-wide, 50-communities have breed bans and 11-more have restrictions on certain breeds.  The ARL doesn’t believe these types of bans work, and that it would be better to ban certain dogs that have shown aggression, not entire breeds.