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MORNING BUZZ: Depressing, Inciting, and Slowing

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Good Morning…

Apparently I am slowing with age.  Anyone who took the “over” on my time from the Grand Blue Mile yesterday got it right.  I was about five or six seconds slower than I was last year.  Lots of bobbing and weaving through traffic at the beginning didn’t help but I’m glad I tried and given the windy cold conditions, I was pleased that I didn’t lose more time.

Considering the weather forecast, the crowd was great.  Our boys ran the entire way through the mile course and they were so excited.  They hit the pillow last night and CRASHED.  I am considering instituting a mandatory mile run before dinner every night.


If you thought the first few stories in our newscast were depressing this weren’t alone.  So did we.  Sometimes the news, is the news.  We can’t just ignore it.  But I did want to say, we recognize it, and that it isn’t any fun for us to read.

That said, this is our job, and I get a little tired of journalists complaining about how “hard” their job is.  Reading stories about kids being killed is certainly disturbing as a parent…but we do not have a “hard” job.  We’re not digging ditches.  We talk to people, we hear some horrible stuff, and we act as a filter so you don’t have to get all of the gory details.  Sometimes you hear/read things you’d rather not as a journalist but, that’s your job.  Ask a D.A, a firefighter, a coroner… or an actual ditch digger.  Seeing or hearing about some of these subjects in the news doesn’t hold a candle to those jobs.


A local Pro-life activist told the paper that it would be a “blessing to babies” if someone were to shoot abortion providers.  He says he wasn’t trying to incite anyone to that specific action.  I’ll give pro-life activists credit for disavowing the comment.

That said, this is the kind of thing that continues to make me question if pro-life activists go too far.  Words like “slaughter” and “Murder” and “genocide” are thrown around like they’re nothing.  Words matter.  I sometimes feel like the pro-life lobby forgets one thing:  Not everyone believes life begins at the moment of conception. It’s the right of other American citizens to answer that question for themselves.  Science can not tell us definitively life begins on X date.  So we are left to our own faith and ethics to decide that question.

I will ask again, why not turn the focus toward stopping unwanted pregnancies and making sure young men and women are making choices about the time and place they want to start a family?  If there are fewer unplanned pregnancies, how many abortions do you think we’d have every year?  Encouraging people to become parents at the time of their choosing is one thing I think a lot of people could actually agree on.

That’s just want I am thinking about.

I hope you will feel free to comment, disagree or agree as you see fit.

Have a good day!