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I keep trying to blog but the things I’ve jotted down on my little sticky note just seem stupid right now.  I’ll throw them out in some “random thoughts” blogs at a later date.

The last several days/week have been awful, haven’t they?  There’s been so much death and destruction and sadness and sometimes it feels overwhelming.

This morning while teaching one of my fitness classes a few participants said, “Geesh – why are you torturing us?!?  Are you mad or something?”  I laughed, but once I got home and started really thinking about it, I realized that I am mad.  Really mad.

I’m mad at people who deliberately hurt others and create fear.  I’m mad at people who beat and kill children and those who just don’t take care of them.  I’m mad that there are so many people who would love to have children, but they can’t.  I’m mad that the world is filled with so many hateful individuals who enjoy causing misery. I’m mad that there are so many people complaining and so few doing.

I’m mad – but I refuse to be bitter.  Instead, I’m going to try to do my part to be kind and encouraging.  I will try to be a person who causes joy instead of sorrow (or at least ease it when I see it).  I will try to complain less and do more.

Will you try, too?