POLICE STANDOFF: Gunman Apologizes

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For 30-hours this weekend, Michael "Micky" Reed of Des Moines held police at bay in his home on Wright Street.

Police say Reed was suicidal and shot at them when they went to check on him.  He insists...police shot at him first after he came out on to his back porch with his shotgun to find out what was going on.  "I set my shotgun down leaning against the house." Reed explains,  "I saw a police officer pointing a gun at me. I peeked around the corner of my shed, saw a police officer pointing a gun at me and asked him why are you pointing a gun at me?  Just then I saw his finger flinch and I moved just in time to feel his bullet pass in front of my throat."

Speaking from his jail cell, Reed tells us he spent most of the 30-hours during the stand off either sleeping or watching television while police tried to negotiate a surrender.  He says he only fired on the officers because they shot at him first, but did so instinctively and now regrets it.  "I fired to miss deliberately." Reed says, insisting he didn't mean to hit the officer, "I absolutely did not.  I did not even intend to hit him.  I'm a very good shot. I'm a marksman.  And if I wanted to hit him I would have."

But Scott Wilson, who lives next door to Reed, says he saw the whole thing...and Reed fired on officers first. "I seen him go back in his house, come back out with a shotgun and then I was kinda like, whoa, and then I didn't think he was gonna shoot but then I heard it go off so then I kinda backed out of the way and I heard two shots."

Reed is facing several charges and if convicted, could spend up to 12-years in prison.