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The president of the National Rifle Association was in Des Moines Thursday.

David Keene was the special guest at the Polk County Republican Party luncheon held at the Statehouse over the noon hour.

Keene opposes increased background checks for gun buyers and is viewed as a spokesman for the conservative movement.

He says since talk of new gun regulations started membership into the NRA has increased by 1 million people.

Keene said he’s worried if some laws change it will start to trickle down. “The Bill of Rights is not, as I put it… a smorgasbord, this is not a delicatessen you can go to, where you can go up and order one right and say that you don`t agree with the other right, any threat to one of the rights is a threat to them all,” he said to the crowd at the statehouse.

But outside the luncheon another group was meeting.

A group of metro residents gathered to show support for increased gun legislation.

That group says they want to reduce gun violence, ban assault weapons and get more support for the background check bill.

“We think we can make an impact on reducing gun violence, since Newtown over 3,000 Americans have been killed by guns, we think that is unacceptable and that there is something we can do here in Des Moines, Iowa to fix that,” Rick Smith said.

The group says they are hoping Senator Charles Grassley will listen to their proposal on background checks, and possibly swing his vote when the issue is brought back up in congress.