AGRIBUSINESS: Let Consumers Choose Engagement – Producer

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Earlier stories on the Agribusiness Report have shown that the source of their food is unclear for some consumers. Others simply don't care.
The division between foodstuff and end user might be distressing, but Roger Zylstra, who farms in Kellogg, Iowa, says it's not necessarily a bad thing.
"If people want to be really in touch with where their food is growing that's available to them," Zystra says, "and if people want to just go to the super market and buy what they want they can do that also. So I think that we've got a great diversity in our food production system, that allows people the choices to decide what they, at what level they would like to participate in the system."
Zylstra adds that farmers' markets have been an integral part of a win-win system in which consumers are left to decide how engaged they are in food production.