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BIKE SAFETY: Increase In Temps & Riders

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The warmer weather means a lot of motorcycles will be on the roads this weekend.  So experts urge riders and motorists to be extra careful.

In just one moment of carelessness, Brad Clikeman's life was over and countless lives changed forever.  The 38-year old was killed when an SUV pulled out in front of his motorcycle on Merle Hay road in November.  Last year, 56-Iowans were killed in motorcycle accidents.  And with motorcycle season here,  riders and motorists are reminded to look out for each other.

"The motorists really need to watch for those blind areas where motorcycles can be hiding or not as conspicuous." says Toni Kerkov with the DOT Motorcycle Safety Program.

According to state DOT statistics, 8-hundred to a thousand Iowans are hurt each year in motorcycle accidents.