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TOP CHEF: Des Moines Food Competition

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Top Chef, Chopped, Iron Chef - TV listings are filled with food competition shows. Friday night some of Des Moines best chefs met for a live showdown of their own.

12 of the metro's most recognized chefs came to the Embassy Suites downtown for "Morsel Combat".

“The biggest thing is seeing people and that look on their face when they`re look wow that was so good,” said Jason Kapela the Chef at Louie`s Wine Dive.

“That`s the rush, when people enjoy your creation,” said Tim Garton, the Executive Chef for Sysco Iowa.

Each chef prepared one dish to serve to a panel of judges, as well as everyone in the crowd. An added challenge- the entrees had to be healthy, weighing in at no more than 600 calories and having no more than 20 grams of fat.

“Every single dish had to meet the healthiest state initiative requirements,” said Liz Cox, with “Morsel Combat”.

Chefs were cooking to win, but the competition was about more than a title. All proceeds from ticket sales go to "Meals from the Heartland."

“It’s really important to have a good crowd here and enjoy the festivities but the idea is to raise money to feed other people,” said Jerry Armstrong, a judge at the competition, “Every dollar we raise tonight does 5 meals.”

“It’s a good cause. It’s really awesome to see a lot of chefs in the city come out and support this organization and this endeavor,” said Garton.

Tim Garton from Sysco took the title of "People's Choice" for the second year in a row. His winning dish was seared scallops and roasted brussels sprouts. "Top Chef" was awarded to Kerri Rush from Fresh Market for the dish "raw vegan lasagna."