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MURPHY’S LAW: Weather wowza, Run Lolo run, NFL Draft

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By: John Sears

What an awesome week for the Drake Relays.  Has the weather EVER been this nice?  60’s, 70’s and even 80’s???  What planet am I on?  The good news is we’ll be coming back down to earth later this upcoming week.  30’s are in the forecast, no joke.

The ‘London Games Rematches were a great touch to the relays, definitely brought out more fans.  Top runners WILL come to Drake if the $$$price$$$ is right.

Lolo Jones finishes 4th…Again.  After finishing 4th at the London Olympics Lolo finishes in that same spot at Drake in the 100 M hurdles.  The race was super close.  Just 4-hundredths of a second separated 1st and 4th.

loloLolo essentially said she doesn’t like the week of the Drake relays, it’s not fun.  Lots of pressure, and not a great endorsement.  The dislike has nothing to do with Des Moines, Drake or the people of Iowa, but rather all the negativity that comes her way after not winning.  Lolo has done a lot of great things, and has tons of supporters so I’m not sure why she mentions these things in the press.  It’s great for the media because we like covering a ‘real’ person who tells it like it is, but she’s not doing herself any favors.

Lolo will be 33 when the 2016 Olympics roll around.

The broadcast restrictions put on the media this week are absolutely some of the dumbest restrictions I’ve ever seen.  I think it’s great that the relays are broadcast on ESPN2 Saturday night.  But telling the local media, who are your bread and butter in publicizing this event, there are limits/restrictions to what they can show on their newscasts is wrong.  This isn’t Drake’s doing, but rather the USATF and ESPN.  I get it, it’s all about the benjamins.  But, I hope the ‘higher ups’ realize there will be more people watching our 6 and 10 newscasts than watching the tape delayed broadcast of the relays on ESPN2.  It’s track and field, not the Super Bowl.

AJ Klein (Cyclone) is a Carolina Panther, Micah Hyde (Hawkeye)  a Green Bay Packer and Carter Bykowski (Cyclone) a 49er.  Those are the 3 loacal draftees in this years NFL draft.

Jake Knott was ‘not’ drafted, but later signed a free agent contract with the Eagles.  I think Knott makes the team.

James Vandenberg signed with the Vikings.  Not sure JVB will make it in the NFL, his SR year certainly didn’t help.  I talked to James a while back and he said if it doesn’t work he’s not going to spend the rest of his life chasing the football dream, he has other goals in lifejvb.  Good kid, I wish him the best.