WILD FORECAST: 70s & 80s Turn To 40s & 50s

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We have a wild 7-day forecast on the way. After a beautiful weekend, things are going to take a big turn right back into the cold, wet, crummy spring weather we have had much of the last two months in Central Iowa.

A large storm system is going to drop out of Canada on Wednesday, and instead of moving straight through the Midwest, it is going to wrap itself up so tightly, that it will actually break itself off from our weather steering winds in the jet stream, and leave Central Iowa cold and wet, likely into next weekend.

The good news is these systems are virtually impossible to predict once they are cutoff as they act like spinning tops on a table, with little reasoning two their precise movements, so the specifics will change as we get closer. Unfortunately, things seem so centered over Iowa, even with some changes, we'll still be stuck in below normal temperatures.