HIGHER OFFICE: Two Considering Run

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Two state senators confirmed to Ch. 13 Sunday they're considering a run for higher office.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Red Oak said she would only run for US Senate if Congressman Steve King doesn't.

Ernst told us on the Insiders that republicans approached her about becoming the state's first-ever female US senator but she says her final decisions about more than just her gender.

“The best candidate should be our candidate for the US Senate, regardless of gender,” said Ernst. “It's wonderful being a woman in today's society but at the same time, we want to make sure we're putting up the right candidate to face off with representative Braley."

Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley is the only declared candidate for the US Senate.

A state senator told Dave Price he won't take on Braley but he wouldn't rule out a run for Braley’s 1st Congressional District Seat, Governor or Secretary Of State next year.

“I actually think competition is good. I think one of the things our party may suffer from is that if we don't have the competition over the next year in the primaries, whereas, on the republican side, they're going to benefit from that," explained Jeff Danielson.

This Friday is the last day lawmakers get their daily expenses for the legislative session.

Both senators Ernst and Danielson predicted lawmakers will finish their work one week after that.