DEATH PENALTY: Insiders On Tsarnaev

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Some national leaders have said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev didn't deserve to have authorities read him his Miranda rights because of the terrorist crimes they believe he committed

Our insiders Sunday morning said since Tsarnaev is a US citizen, he deserves that, no matter how much harm he may have brought.

But should he face the death penalty?

“That's a possibility. However, I also think you have to set an example as a country in due process and make sure folks have the right to a trial, right to a jury, if that's what they choose,” said State Senator Jeff Danielson, (D).

State Senator Jodi Ernst, (R) replied, “Until we find what is behind these bombings which they continue to investigate, is he a terrorist? Yes, I believe he is a terrorist. It was a horrible tragedy. We need to get to the bottom of it.”

Massachusetts doesn't have a death penalty but prosecutors could pursue it on the federal level.

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