MURPHY’S LAW: Weather woes, Hellickson tossed, McShay look-a-like?

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By: John Sears

What an awesome weather day.  Almost 80 degrees, perfect.  How in the hell is it going to be in the 30’s by Thursday?!?!?!?!?!?!  Seriously?  My wife’s birthday is on Friday, there’s a chance for rain/snow mix overnight, not kidding.

Man, what a tank job by the Lakers.  This season reminds me of when LA brought in Karl Malone and Gary Payton, everyone thought the Lake-Show was going to win it all.  They didn’t.  Only difference, this season was much worse.  Even with Kobe playing, this team was a mess from the git go.  D’Antoni, adios.

I’m a bandwagon Golden State Warriors fan.  This team is so much fun to watch.  They aren’t going to win it all, but I hope they make it to the 2nd round so we can see some more fun.  Steph Curry might be my new favorite player to watch, best shooter in the league, and underrated ball handler.

The Miami Heat are gong to roll to the NBA title, it won’t be close.

Des Moines native Jeremy Hellickson was tossed at the Tampa Bay Rays game today.  He wasn’t pitching.  Here’s the story, good stuff.  It takes too long to explain, but if you know anything about Hellickson he’s the last person in the world to talk back to an umpire and get ejected.  In this case he didn’t, but took one for the team to be thrown out.  Very weird situation.

The Hawkeyes had just 1 player drafted in the NFL Draft, Micah Hyde…In the 5th round.  The last time Iowa had just 1 player drafted, 2001.  Who?  Kevin Kasper.  The Hawkeyes usually produce NFL talent every year, last season, not the case.  Right now Iowa lacks ‘top tier’ talent, plain and simple.  Hopefully this season is different and more players emerge as ‘playmakers.’

Does Mel Kiper have the best job in sports?  He analyzes football players all day, and then hits the crescendo at the NFL Draft.  Kiper is great, and really really good at what he does.  Frank Caliendo does a really good Kiper.


Some people say I look like Kiper’s NFL Draft partner Todd McShay.  Thoughts?

A guy made an entire ‘Iron Man’ suit.  This guy has waaayyy too much time on his hands.  I barely have enough time to make myself a sandwich, let alone an entire ‘Iron Man’ suit.