POLICE CRASH: Squad Car Runs Light, 2 Hurt

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A Des Moines police car ran a red light and t-boned a car full of people early Saturday morning, sending two to the hospital.

“I heard my friend say oh shoot and then it just hit us, I didn’t even know that it was a cop car that hit us,” says E’Shayla Kelson.

Officer Mitchell Lee failed to stop at the intersection of 19th street and Forest Avenue in Des Moines.

The police car was responding to a traffic call when he struck the car in the intersection.

The officer claimed to have turned his emergency lights on just before entering the intersection but those in the car said otherwise.

“I understand that police officers have the right to run the lights, they usually give a warning, they put their sirens on, they flash their lights but there wasn't any of that,” says passenger Shatai Joiner.

The group of friends where coming home from party in the Drake neighborhood. The driver of the car was sober.

The driver and a backseat passenger were taken to mercy hospital. No one was seriously injured.

According to the victims, the officer offered no apology.

Kelson said the officer didn’t even check to see if they were okay.

Sgt. Jason Halifax, with the Des Moines Police Department, says the cause of the crash is still under investigation. If they the find the driver at fault, it could result in suspension.