BIKER KILLED: Friends Ride To Remember

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A Grinnell motorcyclist has died after witnesses say another vehicle pulled out in front of him Saturday evening.

On Sunday, his friends decided the best way to honor their friend was to get back on the road.

It's something this group of friends does every Sunday.

“Every weekend when I lived here we would always go riding every summer,” says Mickie Witcraft of Des Moines.

However, today, one rider was missing.

“Probably the most outgoing person I knew, giant heart,” says Tim Willis of Grinnell.

Saturday evening, 30 year old Jeremy Seu, known to his friends as Seu-Mo, was in a motorcycle accident and died later from his injuries.

On Sunday, his friends came together to remember the good times.

“Real outgoing, didn`t have any enemies, would give you the shirt off his back if you asked for it,” says Witcraft.

Riding his motorcycle was something Seu loved to do, and to honor him, his friends got back on the open road to soak in what happened.

“We`re all together we see each other we don`t do a lot of talking it`s more being on the road, it`s good therapy,” says Willis.

56 Iowans were killed in motorcycle accidents last year, it's a number this group says could be a lot lower if drivers took a second look.

“You just have to watch for them, you can`t always hear them not all bikes have loud pipes, just be aware, when you`re pulling out look both ways twice,” says Witcraft.

But they agree it's a two-way street, and riders also need to be on the look-out.

“When the weather gets nice, the bikes come out and everybody needs to be aware of that,” says Terry McDaniel of Grinnell.

And even though now there is one fewer rider on the road.

“He was there with us today, all day,” says Witcraft.

Seu’s memory and passion for life will continue to inspire his friends and future riders down the road.

“He`ll always be remembered, the greatest guy you would have even known, just amazing,” says Willis.

Seu was expecting his first child soon, funeral arrangements are still pending.

The Iowa DOT says between 800-1,000 Iowans are hurt in motorcycle accident each year, they save those numbers could be reduced by both bikers and motorists slowing down and taking the time to watch out for each other.