CUSTOM COOPS: Teen’s Booming Business

Last spring, we introduced you to a Story City teenager who'd built his own wind turbine.

Since then, fifteen months have passed and Tanner Johnson’s focus has shifted, but he is as ambitious as ever.

A 15-year-old with too much ambition and not enough hours in the day, “If I`m not going to school, I`m working on chicken coops...if I`m not working on chicken coops, I`m working...” he says.

Whether it`s up front or out back, much of Tanner`s work involves chickens…especially since last spring when his Spanish teacher asked him to build her a coop...then someone else wanted one, and pretty soon...he`s in business.

“Order-wise, I have about 15-16 orders.”

He ships nationwide and is turning a healthy profit...but wait:

“Hopefully by the time this summer`s over, if I have enough orders, I`ll be moving out to the I-35 business park and actually building my own building out there...”

Tanner was using power tools as a toddler, so his parents don`t doubt his skills...but they are cautioning him about the details of running a business.

“Quarterly sales tax filings and all of that kind of stuff; I don`t know, I guess we`ll see where it goes,” his dad laughs.

How many fathers are worried their teenager is too ambitious?

“I guess it`s giving him some experience and hopefully he`ll learn something about business and how to run a business...”

Last week, a potential investor called Tanner...”He wants to start marketing my chicken coops up in Michigan, so if I get that I`m gonna have to expand.”

You can learn more about tanner's business on his website.


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