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Have you heard the one about the Oklahoma City cheerleader?

No – this is not the prelude to a joke.

What do you think of this story?  The blogger has reportedly been fired.

Sonya and I think calling the cheerleader in question “chunky” is outrageous.  We have a saying we use often. “That’s what mirrors and friends are for.”  We use it when we’re critiquing ourselves, or asking for a critique, and yes – we are guilty of using it when critiquing others. However, I don’t think any mirror or friend (or enemy for that matter) could honestly say this woman is “chunky”.  People are crazy, and cruel.

We’ve learned to check pride at the door after doing “Workout of the Week” segments for more than three years.  Tonight’s has us trying Aerial Fitness.  It’s not pretty – but it’s pretty funny, and the gals who really know what they’re doing are amazing.  Catch it at five o’clock or online.