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HOME GROWN: Sweeney Back In Iowa

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The I-cubs have two Iowa natives on the roster, Brad Nelson and Ryan Sweeney, but it may not be long before it’s just one.

Ryan Sweeney says he’s glad to be back in his home state. “People are coming by all the time that know my parents or somebody I ran into somewhere. It`s definitely a good atmosphere.”

“He`s a Cedar Rapids boy. I think everybody knows him. I mean why wouldn`t you. He`s a home grown product,” Manager Marty Pevey says.

Sweeney will be the first to tell you. He loves being back home, but he`ll also tell you, he`s ready to get out of here. “To say I don`t think about it every day would probably be a lie, but you just want to try and get up there as soon as you can.”

Up there, is of course the Majors and to get back to the Bigs he made a few changes. In the off season Sweeney worked with hall of famer Rod Carew

“I just changed my swing a little bit to get more lift on the ball and change a few things mechanically,” Sweeney said.

“Everyone knows he can hit. He`s just got to continue doing what he`s doing,” Pevey added.

So far the power is there, he`s hit a team-high six homeruns and if he keeps it up the next thing he`ll be telling us in Iowa is goodbye.