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REALITY ROMANCE: Journey To Find Love

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An Iowan traveled to California looking for love. She didn't find it there, but she learned something along the way.

From holding a plank to doing a downward dog pose, Katie Coyle is a pro at yoga. But, she wanted a little help finding love. She says, "I just went into it with an open mind. I knew it was reality television, so I just kind of took it as that."

The mother of two signed up for the dating show Ready For Love last year. Matchmakers picked potential mates for three well-to-do bachelors. Coyle went through an interview process last April. She moved into a California mansion in June. She says, "We actually filmed in Pacific Palisades, and we lived in the house Rihanna just purchased."

Coyle spent three weeks vying for bachelor Ben's heart. Other women were doing the same, including an ex-girlfriend. Coyle says, "There was drama. It was created. I voiced my own opinions with the girls directly to their face. I didn't going behind their backs. And, so they knew where I stood, what my feelings were about it."

After two dates, Ben said good-bye to the Pella resident. And, even though she didn't land the guy, she learned a big lesson in love. Coyle says, "I just think you have to be open to it. And, when you least expect it is when it happens, that it can't be forced."

Coyle traveled all the way to California to find love, but it turns out, it was right here in Iowa. Vincent Nola says, "It was almost love at first sight." Coyle met Nola at the grand opening of Power Life Yoga in West Des Moines last October, just a few months after her reality romance.

The couple watched the show together. Nola says, "It was fun to watch her because her personality came out."

Coyle says of her experience, "I'm glad I did it and I'm glad he didn't choose me because I wouldn't have found the person I did."

The first three episodes aired on NBC Tuesday nights. Now, you can catch new episodes of Ready For Love online at Full episodes will be released each Tuesday through June 4th.