RECORD SNOWFALL: Britt Hit With Almost A Foot

The Iowa community with the most snow-fall from this storm was the northern town of Britt, where they were hammered with eleven inches.

"I had my boots put away.  Everything was put away." says Britt resident Andrea Wilson as she shoveled her driveway, "We were ready for sunshine....and planting flowers and, which we would have had done by now last year but now we're moving snow."

Buried under all this snow...the signs of spring.  Boats, ready to be enjoyed.  Bicycles ready to be ridden.  Flowers, struggling reach through the snow.  And people who say they're sick of the winter that just doesn't seem to want to let go.

Britt is dealing with about eleven inches of thick, heavy snow.  It’s enough to break tree limbs…and spirits. Most folks say they were ready for spring.  With warmer temperatures in the forecast, most of the snow in Britt should be gone in the next few days.

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