MORNING BUZZ: Seriously?

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Good Morning…we begin our morning asking the question several times over …Seriously?

Seriously I (with a little bit of annoyance in my voice)

I had a good attitude about it the first day and a half but waking up this morning and driving into work felt more like December than May.  At some point I’d like to play golf this spring.

The situation is semi-serious for hundreds of people south of Des Moines this morning where the power went out.  At least the temperature is supposed to rebound.  I feel bad for Sally, she is headed to Minneapolis today for her Cousin’s wedding shower.

Seriously? II (with some sarcasm)

After denying taking any payments from Michelle Bachmann’s Presidential campaign, now, State Sen Kent Sorenson is trying to tell people that even if he did take the money…it wasn’t against Senate rules?  Really?  This isn’t going to end well.

Seriously? III (sarcastic and a little angry)

If you’re the Senate Minority leader and one of your members is under investigation for an ethics violation… you don’t have any comment on it?  I understand it’s an ongoing investigation…I understand you don’t want to throw one of your members under the bus…but responding to a question about ethics rules by saying “I’m not a student of that…situation….I’m concentrating on getting crops in the ground and working for the people of the State of Iowa”!?!?!

Anyone who listens to that is left to wonder whether you actually don’t know the rules of the Senate,(which would be astounding at this point because we’ve been talking about it for months) or it leaves the impression that you don’t want to talk about it because you know something or did something wrong.  Either way, that’s a bad answer.

Seriously IV?

If you listened closely you could hear a beeping noise in the studio this morning.   Brooke described it as being like some sort of slow torture.  It was the result of snow on a satellite dish on the roof.  I tried to go upstairs and shake the snow off myself but, wisely, management locks the door to the roof and does not let unauthorized personnel up there. I tried…

Really V?

So I had to go to the Doctor yesterday to discuss options for treatment of a condition I’ve had for years.  It’s no big deal but the Insurance company suddenly decided if I wanted to keep taking the prescription at home I would have to take frequent tests.  If I didn’t get the tests, they would still let me take the same drug but I would have to go tot he Dr’s office and have a nurse administer it every two weeks.  That sounds more expensive to me.  I called the company.  The very nice woman told me the tests were for my safety.  Now, I know (because my Dr told me) that the every two week treatment comes with increased risk of side effects.  So that doesn’t sound safer.  He also told me its the exact same drug that I would take at home…so if they’re wiling to let me take it at the Dr’s office but not at home, I am left to assume this is about money and has nothing to do with my health or safety.  My Dr agreed.

I can’t imagine why so many people think the Healthcare system is totally screwed up.(there’s some more sarcasm)

Have a great weekend…seriously.