MURPHY’S LAW: Coaches vs Cancer, Reporter whoops, Outstanding Husband award

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By: John Sears

Friday night all 4 of the men’s division 1 head coaches from the state of Iowa gathered at Prairie meadows for the Kentucky Derby Gala.  It’s Coaches vs Cancer, and it’s a great event.  Money raised goes to the American Cancer Society.  The event raised close to $150,000.  Hats off to everyone, including all four of the coaches, Fred Hoiberg, Fran McCaffery, Ben Jacobson, and Ray Giacoletti.  These guys are non-stop traveling during the off-season, for all four of them to be at he same event on the same night is pretty cool.

The Barnstormers ended a 4 game losing streak Friday night 48-36 over San Antonio.  Much needed.  Stormer games are much more fun when Iowa is in contention.  Keep it up.

Lebron James wins the NBA MVP for the 4th time, he’s only 28 years old.  James joins Jordan, Chamberlain, Russell and Kareem as the only 4-time MVP winners.  In my mind Lebron will go down as the 2nd best player ever, behind Jordan.  I’ve seen both and I still think Jordan is the best of all-time.  James has 4 MVP’s and is on his way to another title.

snow in maySnow?  Really?  It’s frickin’ May 3rd.  Ugghhhhh…3 days from now it will be in the 70’s.  Crazy weather.

Nebraska basketball has already sold out all of their season tickets for next season.  Yes you read that correctly.  The Cornhuskers have sold out their BASKETBALL season tickets.  The Huskers move in to a new arena next year so that’s the draw, it certainly isn’t the play on the court.  Props to Husker fans though.

Reporters and anchors make mistakes every day.  Just go to Youtube and type in news anchor fail.  Here’s the latest slip-up.  The Chicago Blackhawks reporter was fired Friday after accidentally saying ‘a tremendous amount of sex’ instead of ‘tremendous amount of success.’  Obviously CSN was looking for a reason to get rid of her.  I’ve seen/heard MUCH worse.

Jay Cutler can multi task.jay-cutler-baby-beer  Cutler feeding his baby a bottle while he, himself, is fed a beer.

It was my wife’s birthday on Friday.  I think I did pretty good.  Took her out to dinner on Thursday night, Taki Steakhouse, where they cook the food on your table.  Sake bombs.  Surprised her when we got home with her favorite cupcakes I made earlier in the day (rainbow chip).  Her gift, new running shoes, new headphones, and candy.  Then on Friday she gets fresh tulips in the mail.  She says I get the ‘Outstanding Husband Award’ for her birthday.  Humble brag, yep.