Records Made to be Broken in 24 Hours!

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Records are always made to be broken. We have two days of insane weather totals to prove we can get it all in Iowa.

Yesterday we had a new one day and monthly May snowfall record of 11″ snowfall in Forest City and Britt.
Today Osage knocked that record to the side of the road with 13″ of snow!

Pella took some of the worst of the storm overnight.. Reports of around 8 to 10 inches of snow on Tulip Time. First time in 78 years the famous flowers were blanketed with snow.
The crowds were pretty small..but it would be worth the ride to see this amazing weather event.


They were even shoveling snow in front of the Pella Opera House…with a Santa hat to keep head and ears warm.

Yesterday we had a great picture of an Ankeny student with a May 2, 2013 sign and a sad face. Today kids waiting for the bus in Johnston got in on the act.

An anonymous farmer showed us how he was checking his fields this morning.

And the folks at Deck the Walls in Meryl Hay Mall showed us how deep the snow was on their patio table today.

We’re going to see all rain through the overnight. More rain tomorrow.