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POLICE SHOOTING: Officer Recounts Ordeal

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Sioux City officer, Kevin McCormick says he's not letting a bullet to the forehead discourage him from getting back on the job.

Officer McCormick was shot while trying to make a traffic stop last Monday. Police say 22-year-old Jamal Dean of Sioux City got out of the passenger side and shot at McCormick.

Officials then spent nearly five days searching for Dean. Early Saturday morning, U.S. Marshals located and arrested Dean two hours north of the Mexican border in Rivera, TX.

He’s in custody awaiting extradition to Iowa.

Meanwhile, officer McCormick is recovering from his injuries at home.

This weekend, he talked about the events that unfolded around him and why he's lucky to be alive.

“There were a few clues I had that there was something different about this particular stop,” said McCormick.

About a half our into his shift Monday afternoon, the Sioux City police officer tried to pull over a car on the west side. He said the car circled the block before it finally stopped.

"As I’m putting the car into park and cracking the door, he got out of the vehicle, turned to me... within no time at all, starting getting some gunfire."

officer mccormickSeven bullets went through the patrol car's windshield. McCormick said he zeroed in on the weapon and radioed in.

"I put the vehicle in reverse and ducked down to my left .”

Officer McCormick made it out of the alley, but he lost track of the suspect.

"I still had the confidence that if this guy jumped out of the car or I spotted him somewhere and he still had this weapon, it was going to be a gun battle."

A witness pulled up and told the officer that Jamal Dean had run toward the school. He stayed in constant communication with dispatch.

"Naturally you want to stay in the fight," the McCormick said but his sergeant gave him other orders, “I need to stop, I was out of this fight, and they didn't want me to continue."

When the ambulance came, McCormick’s thoughts quickly turned to his wife Jessica and ten-month old daughter Wrene.

Jessica said she didn't believe her husband, when he told her he was OK, "I said ‘babe this isn't a joke, I’ve been shot in the head. I'm OK, though."

She was relieved when she met him up at the hospital. Just six stitches above the eye, it could have been a career-ending injury.

"You don't equate being shot in the head and living to talk about it."

McCormick says he's not only grateful to be alive, he's also thankful for the outpouring of support and well wishes he's received from people across the country, and especially from his police force family.

"These guys aren't messing around when it comes time to taking care of one of their own."

Officer McCormick is scheduled to return to work one week from Sunday. However, he says he'd like to go back as early as Tuesday if the department grants it.

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