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ERIN OFF CAMERA: All Over The Place!

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Do you ever have stretches of time in which you are running around to so many different places for so many different reasons that you honestly can’t remember what day it is, or where you’re supposed to be next?

I think Dan and I have both been feeling that way lately.  He’s absolutely exhausted with a new baby at home and a lot on his plate here at work.  At least it hasn’t been having an impact on him on the air.  My schedule and lack of sleep took a toll on me for a moment during the six o’clock show yesterday.  We were chatting and then it was my turn to take over the next script and I just sat there looking at Dan with a blank look on my face. Brain freeze.  Ugh!

Here’s some of the fun stuff that’s been going on in my world….

HIP HOP ABSTonight’s “Workout of the Week” takes us back to Kees Camp – this time for a class owner Jen Kees calls, “Hip Hop Abs”.  We look hip hop ridiculous trying to do it but it was a blast and it was a great workout.  Thanks to photojournalist Randy Schumacher for not laughing too hard while shooting this one!

trampsWe’ve continued our fitness routine with personal trainer Irene McCormick with some brutal outings at Gray’s Lake.  The gals from the Lululemon showroom in the East Village joined us for a trampoline workout.  Tough stuff – but fun!

ED OPERALast weekend Ed and I had the pleasure of hosting the Des Moines Metro Opera’s fundraiser.  Much of the evening included amazing performances by the very voices you can hear this summer.  The season begins June 21st and runs through July 14th.  Attend a show – you won’t regret it!

EM SHOWERSunday was a fun Derby-themed bridal shower for Emily Carlson.  Doesn’t everyone look fancy in their hats?  Afterward, Sonya and I celebrated her birthday a day early.  Speaking of which – did you see the adorable dog guessing her age yesterday?  Check it out!