SCHOOL GUN: Second Grader Brings Weapon

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An elementary school student in Johnston is being disciplined after bringing a loaded gun to school.

School officials say they were alerted around noon Tuesday that a second grade student at Lawson Elementary had a handgun. Police were notified and the weapon was confiscated and secured.

No one was threatened with the weapon and no students or staff were harmed.

The District Spokesperson Laura Dillavou says they aren't sure why the boy brought the gun to school, "We don't have any indication of why the weapon was brought into the school.  You know, second graders have a lot going on in their heads and it's really hard to say what the motivation was."

Police says the boy's parents could be charged and as for the 8-year-old,  "The student can be expelled.  We're pretty close to the end of the school year now.  Ultimately the decision of punishment will be up to the principal and the superintendent," Dillavou explained.

A letter was sent to parents notifying them of the incident:

Dear Parents,
This email is to inform you that one of our students at Lawson was in possession of a gun at school today; no students or staff were harmed. The staff at Lawson are committed to the safety and education of all our students. We also want to clearly communicate with parents about safety issues when they arise.

The school office received information that a second grade student had brought a handgun onto school property this morning. School officials confiscated the weapon from the student around 11:50 a.m.

The superintendent's office and local law enforcement were notified immediately. The student's parent was notified and the matter was turned over to the Johnston Police Department. At no time was the gun used to threaten other students or staff.

This is a violation of law; criminal charges may be brought in addition to school-imposed disciplinary measures.

Please discuss this incident with your children and emphasize that it is against the law to bring weapons of any type to school. Also, please emphasize the importance of telling a teacher or other staff member if there is a weapon at school. In this way, we are all working together to keep our schools safe.

Please feel free to call me at 278-0470 if you have any questions or concerns.

Johnston Schools Superintendent Clay Guthmiller