PROPERTY TAX: Progress Made On Reform Bill

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State lawmakers are making some progress on passing major legislation.

Though a deal has not been set in stone, legislators say they are close to striking a compromise on the issue of commercial and residential property tax reform.

“Meaningful communication, exchanging ideas and trying to find a way to get the bills into a form that will get to the governor’s desk that he’ll be excited about signing them so, yeah, I think we’ve had really good conversations,” says House Speaker Kraig Paulsen.

The progress was not made in a committee or subcommittee meeting, but in a private meeting of top Republican leaders and various Democratic leaders.

“It’s about as interesting as anything can get.  A lot of the old hands around here kind of have a sort of feel for how things are going. But even they say that nothing’s ever decided until it’s decided. So it’s a journey of discovery,” Freshmen Lawmaker Rep. Scott Ourth said.

If the deal is passed Iowa lawmakers hope to reach similar agreements on tax, education and health care reform before they end the session.