Wet Wednesday…Weekend Efforts to Help Fight Blood Cancers

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Bring along the red umbrellas today. There will be chances for showers and isolated storms. Best chance for heavier rainfall will come late today and tonight. Here are the expected totals for rainfall today through tomorrow. rainfall

Seven day is going to be book-ended with 70s. It will be cool this weekend. Highs in the 60s..and lows in the 40s. My heating/cooling system has whiplash. Seven Day

This weekend is going to be a big one for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Central Iowa. It is time for their annual fundraising campaign “Man and Woman of the Year.”
Each year they ask local “celebrity” folks to be a part of the fundraiser.
I was on the list to help out this year. http://www.mwoy.org/pages/ia/cia13/ewilsonbnu
The letter asking me to participate became lost in our snail mail system. So I apologized for not getting the invite until 4 weeks ago. They still wanted me to get in on the fight…so I said yes.
I did not fully understand how involved this effort has become over the years. It is full on work to get friends, family and anyone you meet on the street to donate items to auction…or donate money.

This has not been one of my most valiant efforts. Lack of time and way too much weather work has taken it’s toll on putting up big bucks…but there is still time to donate.

The biggest reason for me to say yes to this is this guy laughing with me at last year’s Iowa/Iowa State football game. Sean and EdHe is Sean Roberts and happens to be one of my best friends. He also happens to have Hodgkin Lymphoma. It is in remission…but Sean knows it will take at least five years of remission status before he can claim the “fully cured” status.

Just over a year ago Sean discovered a lump in his shoulder. He noticed it while working out. This is sort of funny to the rest of our friends…because Sean is always working out. He is the most-fit of all the buddies that hang out together.
So our most-healthy bud told his wife about the lump and she made him get to the doctor that day…just in case. Thank God.
It was blood cancer. Hodgkin Lymphoma. One of the most survivable cancers…but still the “C” word.
Sean is in his mid-40s. Has a lovely lady…Jackie…at his side. They have three amazing kids..all still in school in their adopted Minnesota hometown.
My wife Angela and I have known Jackie since the late 80s. Jackie met Sean and introduced us…and we have been there to see our children come into our lives and continue to get closer every year.
Roberts & Wilsons

That last picture was taken the weekend after Sean told us he had cancer and would have to go through radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Lots of tears and fears were released before that picture with happy smiles was saved to our camera rolls.

Sean had amazing support. Here is a picture of his son’s basketball team that had Sean as a coach. They boys surprised coach with a party buzz. All the kids had their heads shaved during the last pizza party for the team’s season. Basketball Studs

Sean had a port installed in his chest. This allowed for the cancer killing drugs to be injected on a regular schedule. He also had his “super hero” head and chest plate for radiation. Radiation Mask

Last father’s Day the treatments were taking their toll on my friend. Sean Father's Day

It’s been over a year and Sean is doing great. He was celebrated at a Twin’s game last year during the Leukemia & Lymphoma walk in the Twin Cities. Sean’s son Austin even got to throw out the first pitch at the game! Pretty big deal. Sean and Lymphoma Sign

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Not everyone has the support that Sean has. I love this guy. He is a great person and friend. It’s why I’m ready to do what I can to raise some extra money for this worthy cause.
This is Sean today. Sean Remission

Would you take just a little time to check out the donation site for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Iowa’s celebrity of the year? http://www.mwoy.org/pages/ia/cia13/ewilsonbnu
The celebrity thing is back-burner. We want to do whatever it takes to see support for those with cancer, but in the end, put an end to all cancers including leukemia and lymphoma.