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For the first time in months, more than half of the state is drought-free.

The National Drought Mitigation center released its latest report Thursday and the news is good for Iowa.  More than 58-percent of the state is back to normal conditions.

Eastern and central Iowa have seen marked improvements, though the western side of the state is still struggling.

The report says the wet and cool spring has been eliminating or putting a dent in drought conditions across the Midwest. Over the last week, heavy rains and even snow have contributed to improving moisture levels.

All of central Iowa is drought free, but now farmers have another problem too much rain.

The ground has already absorbed as much rain as it can so any additional rain is pooling in fields.

This means farmers will have to wait until the fields dry out before they can start planting and that could take up to a week.

Most farmers aren't worried quite yet, but they say if the rain continues there could be a problem.

“Give us another week of this same situation and if we get more rain next week ... then we're really starting to get concerned,” says farmer, Mark Kenny.

Farmers fear planting late into the season could result in low yields.