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IMMIGRATION BILL: Grassley Voices Concern

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Senator Chuck Grassley (WHO-HD)

Senator Charles Grassley says he has concerns over an immigration bill currently being considered by congress.

The Senate Judiciary Committee began looking at the proposal Thursday.

If approved the bill would create a 13-year path to citizenship for 11-million illegal immigrants as well as make improvements to border security.

Grassley says this is the same pitch he heard years ago, “Unfortunately it looks too much like the 1986 bill, which failed to take care of the problems we’re now trying to solve. It falls short of what I want to see in the strong immigration reform bill, so you will hear me say many times that we shouldn’t make the same mistake we made in 1986.”

The 1986 measure allowed 3-million people to become U.S. citizens, but failed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country.