JOB SEEKING: Education Leader Looks West

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Iowa Department of Education Director Jason Glass confirmed Thursday morning he is one of three finalists for the superintendent's position for the Eagle County Colorado School District. Glass tweeted a brief comment about a report in the Vail Daily.

Glass served as director of human resources for the Eagle County school district from 2007 to 2010. He has served as Iowa's education director since December, 2010.

Glass wouldn't say whether he sought the position or whether the district sought him. But he said he lived in Colorado for a decade. Glass said, "My wife and I have a longstanding history tradition with the district so we have connections there. We're just honored to be considered."

Glass pointed out, though, that his family is happy in Des Moines, where his wife is a public school teacher and where the couple had two children. He acknowledged frustration with state lawmakers who have failed to reach agreement so far on the wide-ranging education reforms that Glass has outlined during his tenure. He said, "I think the whole state is frustrated with the pace that this has happened. But I still hold out hope that we'll be able to find a way through it."

Iowa lawmakers appointed a conference committee, a bipartisan group of lawmakers charged with finding compromise on the eduction reform stalemate, but the group hasn't met in three weeks.

The Eagle County school board is scheduled to meet again on the superintendent's search on May 22nd. Glass makes $147,000 in his current position. The Eagle County School District's web site lists the superintendent's salary at $175,000.