NEIGHBORS REACT: Standoff Ends Peacefully

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A Boone man held authorities in a standoff for nearly 8 hours Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.

It all happened at 521 Main Street in Boone, where 33-year-old Joshua Daniels barricaded himself inside refusing to come out.

Boone Police say they received a phone call tipping them off about Daniels from his own mother, after Daniels told her to leave her house or he would burn it down.

Police quickly realized Daniels was wanted for escaping an Ames half way house and was wanted on two warrants

“It is close to home when it`s in your own backyard,” says neighbor Jody King.

Neighbors are still re-living Thursday nights standoff that lasted into the early morning hours.

Daniels barricaded himself inside.

Across the street, Pam White watched him break out the windows in his mother's house.

“It was noisy, busy, lots of breaking glass,” says White.

Next door, King says the quiet neighborhood quickly turned into a scene out of a movie.

“There were so many police cars the command center was set up over here in front of our driveway, there was another car blocking our driveway,” says King.

For several hours police tried to reason with Daniels, yelling out instructions to him, but had no luck.

King says the longer the standoff dragged on, the more intense things started to get.

“I understand there were police all over behind our house by our bedrooms, it was surreal and it was scary,” says King.

Inside with her home, White watched as police were able to bring Daniels into custody.

“I saw them walk him across the yard, he was very calm, he was handcuffed, he didn`t seem to be fighting from what I could see,” says White.

Police say they found Daniels alone in the home, hiding in a closet.

Neighbors say it doesn't seem like the same guy they've known for years.

“We would talk from across the street and this and that but I never would have expected something like this,” says White.

“I`m so glad that it ended peacefully,” says King.

Daniels had two felony warrants out for his arrest for violating his probation at the half-way house in Ames.

Police say Daniel is not facing any additional charges for the standoff.

He is being held in the Boone County Jail.