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SCHOOL SAFETY: A.L.I.C.E. Training At Ankeny Christian

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Students at an Ankeny school are learning a lesson that could one day save their lives.

Thursday, Ankeny Christian Academy began implementing the A.L.I.C.E. program. It stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate.

The program is designed to help people decide what to do if there is a violent intruder in the building. It takes a more proactive approach to the situation instead of advocating students just remain in a lockdown position waiting for help.

Some critics worry about the “counter” aspect of the training because it encourages people, even students, to fight back if the situation calls for it.

The school encouraged parents to be part of the training at school and talk to their children about what to do if a dangerous situation arises at school.

More schools began implementing this training following the Newtown, Connecticut shooting that left 20 children and six teachers dead.