DES MOINES BLAZE: Playing For The Love Of The Game

The football players on the Des Moines Blaze aren't in it for fame and fortune, though they appreciate both, Blaze play for love of the game.

It's semi-professional football, where no one gets paid.  For some, it’s an addiction, “can’t get off it, it's the worst drug ever," Ben Bell laughs.

For others it’s a chance to keep the dream alive, and no matter what your age or occupation, or background if you can play football, you can find a spot on the Blaze.

With practice 2-3 times a week and at least 10 games a season there's always the chance for injury.

"I hear it from my wife a lot, once a week there’s  ...'what if you get hurt?' It’s definitely risky, but you only live once and this is what I love to do," Randy Blackford explains.

They love to play, but they also love to win.  The Blaze are the 2-time defending MFA champs and they want more.

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