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NORWALK SCAM: Man Impersonates Dish Rep.

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A Norwalk woman says a man impersonating as a Dish Network representative came to her house Friday selling a fake product.

“He wanted to know when our contract was up and he said if we wanted to renew the contract he would be able to save us some money,” explained the victim.

He was wearing a Dish Network necklace and was driving an unmarked vehicle.

The man asked several times to come into the house to check the number on the receiver but offered no other information.

Norwalk police says door-to-door scams are more likely to happen when the weather gets warmer.

Sgt. Trevor Martin says not all door-to-door scams involve money but it could mean they are getting a good look at your home for other reasons.

Sometimes they can be negative, they might be trying to come into the home to case the place to possibly scope out an opportunity to burglarize the home.

The town of Norwalk had a similar case a few weeks ago.

Police say if this happens to you, do not let the salesman come inside and do not buy what they’re selling.