KIDS CHARGED: Four Accused Of Torturing Dog

Four Des Moines kids face criminal charges after police say they tortured a small dog over the weekend using rocks and BB guns. The youngest suspects are just ten years old.

"It (The rocks) was hitting the dog and bouncing off to the brick wall or whatever and three of them had what looked like guns or whatever," says witness Jessica Melendez,  "Like BB guns and they were shooting him.  And I yelled at them to get out of here.  I was going to call the police."

Melendez says the dog, named Mickey, was chained up in front of a house on 15th Street when the kids began attacking it.  She stopped the kids, two ten year old's, a 12 year old and a thirteen year old,  before they killed the dog.   But she says the dog, a small Pomeranian, was seriously hurt in the attack.  "Oh, it wouldn't move," she remembers,  "It was just laying there and it had some blood on its face and like I said it had a rock like that big on it and it looked like it was broke.  It was bad."

The dog was taken to the ARL for care.  The four kids are charged with animal cruelty

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