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CROSS COUNTY: Carting For A Cause

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Call it the “scenic route” from the Atlantic to the Pacific- four off duty Coast Guard members are using their leave time to drive a golf cart from California to Virginia in 28 days.  They’re covering more than 3, 900 miles, at a top speed of 25 miles an hour.

Getting there in the golf cart is just one of their goals. They’ve also set out to meet as many veterans along the way as possible.  Wednesday, their pit-stop was at the VA Hospital in Des Moines.

“I am from the era of Vietnam, that is a lost era. But yet this brings out all groups,” said Veteran Daniel R. Stanley, “These guys are actually active duty guys doing this on their own time and taking their leave that they could be with family or something else and doing this checking out the United States and seeing me, you know? So it’s cool.”

“We hear some funny stories and some sad stories. We want to hear all the stories. And let them know that the active duty guys and gals out there, we`re still caring about them and they`re our greatest generation and they're not forgotten,” said Ray Rehberg with the United States Coast Guard, and part of “Carting for a Cause.”

They started on April 29th and plan to end on May 26th. They only have 28 days to do it since they are using their leave time. The next stop is Davenport.

For more information on their route, or how you can help them reach their goal of a $50,000 donation visit the Wounded Warrior Project website.