Ed’s Weather Journal

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More fantastic weather over central Iowa today. Highs in the middle 80s and lots of sunshine. There were a few isolated showers…but most of the rain did not hit the ground because we had 20 to 30 percent relative humidity.
One of our photojournalists Roger Reilly… caught this video of the rain falling from the clouds…but not making to the ground. It almost looked like there was a funnel cloud within the rain.

This was a perfect day for planting. Lots of the farmers were finally in there fields and had the chance to deploy the kernels. This picture was from Mike Kalsem. He sent to to my Facebook page. Planting Mike Kalsem

In Dallas, TX tonight tornado damage is being assessed. A huge twister slammed into the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Megan Salois' parents live in that area. They had a tornado pass about one mile from their home in Granbury. It was ground-zero for damage and injuries. As of 10PM...there were two fatalities reported.

Here is a picture of the huge hail that fell at Megan's parent's house. 945289_159157627593062_2039149051_n

Here is video of the tornado as Megan's mom and dad watched it spin about a mile down the road from their home. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151430404851130&set=vb.708101129&type=2&theater

Iowa Tornado Record... 356 days and counting without a tornado warning in Iowa. I like this kind of record.