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I am not complaining, but where did Spring go? Did we even technically have one? Not in my mind- it went from snow to 90’s in practically a day! But now that it is finally nice, I’m ready.

To prove just how ready I was for the weather, I decided to start off the new season with a run. That was Monday- and I am still sore. (And by run, I mean a walk/jog for less than 2 miles.) But I had just bought new running shoes, so I had to get out there. (Take that people who laughed at me when I bragged about my new shoes- see? I run…)

While running, I got to thinking about goal setting. Every time the weather gets nice “becoming a runner” seems to be my goal. It’s a small goal, I know. But after doing a follow-up story on Mark Stiles and his family, I realized that even the tiny goals can make a huge difference.

About a year ago, Mark went in for a “routine” back surgery. He was a football player in high school, and still had some back pain because of that. It seemed like an easy fix, but there were complications. Now, months later, Mark still can’t walk. In fact, he can barely move. I first met mark a few months back, when he was still in the hospital. Now that he’s home with his family, I met up with him again. I noticed the differences right way. He was moving his upper body a little more- he could actually lift his arms shoulder-height. And he could stand up from his wheelchair. But that’s not what I was most affected by. I was most affected by Marks and Jody themselves. They were so honest with me about their journey- they never said it was an easy one. But they are so positive- so grateful for Mark’s improvements. They celebrate each small step towards getting back to normal, instead of focusing on the fact that they have to make those steps in the first place.

I naturally was curious about what they thought of the surgery. In what I sometimes feel is a “sue-happy” country, my mind automatically took me to that place. But theirs never did. They said they never really got a straight answer about what exactly went wrong, but that’s as far as they dug. They are instead focusing on moving forward- getting better.

Mark’s goals seem so small- raise your hand, stand up, take a step. But really, they are huge. It’s something I will now always keep in mind, thanks to this inspirational family.

That story aired last night- take a look by clicking here.

And HERE is the original story I did with the family awhile back.