QUICK COOKING: Ready Made Meals At Dinner

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More families are trying to improve their diets. But, that can be difficult when meal time rolls around, you're tired and you have to answer the question: what's for dinner?

Mom Ahnada Stephenson says, "I don't always make it to the grocery store and get healthy things I would like to."

Stephenson is a mother of a one-year old and trying to make dinner time a priority. So, she invited friend Kristina Postma to hold a freezer meal workshop in her home. Postma says, "We have food products that help families get healthy meals on the table in 30 minutes or less."

Postma leads the freezer meal workshops through her at-home party business Wildtree. Participants bring their own protein and veggies. Then, they mix in the company’s certified organic food products. For $35 to $75, they make five to ten meals to freeze, take home and cook during the week.

Postma says, "When you're busy, you tend to go to fast options like fast food and things like that. Some people are frustrated by it, but they don't know what else to do."

If you're really running low on time, and you want to put a healthy meal on the table, a trip to the freezer aisle may be all you need. Hy-Vee Health and Wellness Director Julie McMillin says, "It's been a common misconception that freezer meals are not as good for you."

McMillin says most manufacturers have cut sodium and calories, while adding more fruits and veggies. She says, "I tell people to try to shoot for 350 or less calories per serving, and then for sodium 1000 or less milligrams per frozen entree."

And, look for more than three grams of fiber. If you pick a frozen family meal, McMillin says to add something. "You can actually add an extra frozen bag of green beans to this one, and it would help you get the extra fruits and vegetables, but it would get the sodium down and the calories in that range as well."

Or, you can do as Stephenson, and stock your freezer with pre-made meals.  She says, "That will be very handy on the days I work, especially getting home late and just fix that real quick, and have something healthy for my family."

You can find more information about the frozen meal workshops here.