TODDLER DROWNS: Jefferson Child Dies

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A Jefferson family is grieving the loss of their toddler, after a day playing in the water turned deadly.

A three-year-old drowned in a lake at a state park east of Jefferson Tuesday afternoon.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office and other rescue crews were called out to Spring Lake Park just after 1:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Emily Cummings was there with Ransom and her two other children, when Cummings says Ransom wandered away.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office says once Cummings realized Ransom had disappeared she quickly called for help.

"The park ranger called me to see if I was down here to help in the search of a missing there was a three-year old boy missing so I came down to help out," says Tom Wolterman who run the lakes concession stand.

Wolterman helped in the search, and quickly the Sheriff's Office and rescue crews were on the scene helping as well.

"My Chief Deputy went out on the dock and spotted something in the water about six-foot off the end of the dock that looked a little different," says Greene County Sheriff Steven Haupert.

Sheriff Haupert said a rescue worker dove into the water and found, Ransom about six feet from the dock area.

CPR was performed on the scene but the three-year old was pronounced dead at the hospital.

"We all tried and we were all worried and i just wish the outcome could have been better," says Wolterman.

Ransom's mom talked to Channel 13 by phone and said her son was an adventurous kid who enjoyed being at the lake.

She said last year the water levels were so low Ransom could jump off the dock and touch the bottom, this year the water is at least six feet deep.

She hopes his story will be a wake up call for parents to know your surroundings and keep a close eye on your children.

It's something Wolterman, a father of five, says he will take to heart.

"It was hard on me and i can only imagine what his parents are going through and i couldn't wish that on anybody," says Wolterman.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office says they encourage anytime you have a little old near water to put them in a life jacket or other life-preserver.