BOY SCOUTS: Members Rally To Stop Changes

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Iowa parents, scoutmasters and scouts are rallying to stop changes to national scouting policy.

“Unfortunately, I don’t want my troop turning into a battle ground for the gay agenda. I’d just as soon keep sex and politics out of Boy Scouts,” one scoutmaster told Channel 13.

The scouting organization is considering a proposal to allow openly gay youths into the boy scouts organization. The proposal would maintain a ban on openly gay adult leaders.

The group rallying Friday was asking local scout officials to vote no to membership changes.

Scout Executive Bob Hopper at the Mid-Iowa Council in Des Moines says he’s glad people are voicing their opinions. “We have a set of ethics we try to up hold with all our members and we’ll try to focus on that. It’s a very sensitive subject and we are going to do the best we can.”

A vote on the matter is scheduled for May 23rd in Texas. Iowa delegates will play a role in the decision.