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BRUTAL CARJACKING: Judge’s Ruling Leaves Family Hopeful

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A judge has decided to try two teens accused of a brutal carjacking as adults.

Mike Wasike's vehicle was stolen and he was left beaten and lying in the street last February.

Police say three teenagers were behind the attack and all three will be tried as adults.

Sixteen-year-old Kenneth Barry was already charged as an adult, but Friday a judge ruled that his two alleged accomplices Terrance Cheeks and Leshaun Murrary will also be tried in adult court.

Each teen is charged with two counts of robbery.

Channel 13 talked with Wasike's wife, Joan Namachemo, Friday afternoon, she says she is relieved and through it all, thankful.

"I hope and pray, but the reality is... Mike will never be the same again,” she says.

Wasike is a shadow of his former self, he cannot walk or talk and doctor's believe he may be blind. He is easily agitated, but his wife's voice and touch seem to calm him.

It seems grim, but Joan says there are some signs of improvement. “He's doing some mumbling and vocalizing, which he was not able to do a few weeks ago... So we are hoping that soon he might start saying something to us.” She says she clings to the smallest signs of hope. “I live by faith every single day, hoping that Mike will be able to talk to me some day.”

She relies on that same faith to make it through each day. Since the incident Joan has been working full time, caring for their two children and attending Mike’s therapy sessions everyday.

“It's been rough.  It's been tough, but I'm blessed to be in this community. I believe despite what happened something positive will come out.”

Wasike is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital June 10th, but Joan is currently fighting with his insurance provider over where he will be placed.