IRS SCANDAL: Iowa Group Targeted

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An Iowa organization came forward Friday saying they were among those targeted by the IRS.

Earlier this week the IRS Commissioner Steven Miller resigned amid a rising scandal over improper targeting of conservative groups.

The pro-life organization Coalition for Life filed for tax-exempt status in 2009. According to organization President Susan Martinek the IRS responded with questions about protests at Planned Parenthood clinics and said they would approve their status when all board members had signed a statement saying they would no longer protest outside of clinics.

The coalition hired a lawyer to respond to questions from the IRS and the tax-exempt application was eventually granted.

As many as 500 similar groups nationwide say they faced the same scrutiny. The former head of the agency was grilled by lawmakers on Friday, but denied doing anything wrong.

Miller says the targeting of conservative groups wasn’t deliberate.   The problem stemmed from a huge increase in workload at the IRS.