RIDING HIGH: Legend Coaster Gets Facelift

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ARNOLDS PARK, Ia. -- A few years ago, a northwest Iowa amusement park was saved from being torn down, now it's being saved from old age.

Nestled on the bank of West Lake, Okoboji, Arnolds Park is home to the 13th oldest wooden roller coaster in the US. It's better known as The Legend.

The 83 year old roller coaster's wooden tracks had become compressed at the bottom of the drop so the ride was getting rough.  The coaster was spared from being torn down for development a few years back when it was taken over by a non-profit organization.

$250,000 was spent to repair a portion of the track.

“(I’ve) been preparing all winter for this day to come for our maiden voyage to get the coaster off and running for the new season, so we've got a third of the track that's brand new,” said Arnolds Park’s Di Lorenzen.

The roller coaster ride is approximately one minute six seconds from the time you leave the station to the time you return. The total drop from the point of no return to the bottom is about 63 feet.

The amusement park opens for the season on Saturday.